21.10.2021 - News
How to Connect Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Optic Patch Panel

​Fiber optic cable is usually terminated in two ways. One is using connectors th...

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19.10.2021 - News
How To Use A Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Patch panel is defined as the interface between multiple optical fibers and opti...

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14.10.2021 - News
New in the FTTH line: FTTX Drop Flat Patch Cord

FTTH technologies have become commonplace, and they have proven to be very pract...

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12.10.2021 - News
G652D & G657A2 & PVC /LSZH Outer Sheath Patch Cord DIFFERENCE?

G652D & G657A2 & PVC /LSZH Outer Sheath Patch Cord DIFFERENCE? Firstly, ...

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30.09.2021 - News
Breakout Cables vs. Breakout Patch Panels

Many people are transitioning to 40G or 100G networks to meet the demands of mod...

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28.09.2021 - News
How Does PLC Splitter Work?

PLC splitter is widely installed between the PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and...

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24.09.2021 - News
Attenuation In Optical Fiber, How to Calculate Fiber Loss?

In fiber optic cable installation, accurate measurement and calculation of atten...

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22.09.2021 - News
Differences between FBT and PLC Splitter

With the growing demand for optic signal transmission, fiber optic splitter beco...

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16.09.2021 - News
5 Steps FTTH Fast Connector Installation, and Comparison With Fusion Splicing Method

The FTTH (Fiber To The Home) has greatly improve our internet experience. But ho...

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14.09.2021 - News
Fiber Pigtail vs Fiber Patch Cord: What Is the Difference?

Fiber optic pigtail has fiber connector installed at only one end, and the other...

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09.09.2021 - News
What is the Maximum Cores of Horizontal & Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

Hanlan-Tech Produce Horizontal & Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closures Horizontal...

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07.09.2021 - News
Things You Need to Know About MTP/MPO Harness Cable

A MTP/MPO harness cable, also called MTP/MPO breakout cable or MTP/MPO fan-out c...

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02.09.2021 - News
MTP/MPO Fiber Cassette Solutions Components & Design

As one of the commonly used assemblies, the MPO/MTP fiber cassette module greatl...

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31.08.2021 - News
What is FDH in telecom?

The Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) is an enclosure that provides the connection be...

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26.08.2021 - News
What is a Mode Conditioning Patch Cord?

This special fiber patch cord is a duplex multimode patch cable that has a small...

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24.08.2021 - News
Simple Rules for Beginners to Learn about MPO Patch Cords or MTP Patch Cords mating

The MPO Patch Cord and MTP Patch Cords are connected by MPO Adaptors or MTP Adap...

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19.08.2021 - News
Supply Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet Up to 576 Fibers!

Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet is specially used for cross-connect of fiber op...

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17.08.2021 - News
The Process of Splicing Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic splicing is a process that allows a professional to take two fiber o...

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12.08.2021 - News
Fujikura 88S Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer contributes in your everyday life more than you would know. When ...

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10.08.2021 - News
Fiber Optic Wall-Mounted Distribution Box

Available for small capacity communication system, wall mounting.The cabinet is ...

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