06.05.2021 - News
Downhole Optic Sensing cable

4.0mm Dia. Downhole Optic Sensing Cable, the outer layer tube is made of 316L / ...

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29.04.2021 - News
FTTH Fibre Terminal Distribution Box

Horizontal Closure provide space and protection for fiber optic cable splicing a...

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27.04.2021 - News
Optical Fiber Splitter

​Optical fiber splitter is a device used to split and combine light wave energy....

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22.04.2021 - News
The Introduction of MPO/MTP Optic Fiber Patch Panel

With the rapid development of the network, the 40G network has now become so pop...

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20.04.2021 - News
Application fields of FTTH Drop Cable

The drop cable is also called "butterfly optical cable". The dish-shap...

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15.04.2021 - News
Advantages of MPO/MTP cable in 5G data center

Advantages of applying MPO/MTP cables in the data center

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13.04.2021 - News
FTTA fiber optic distribution box

FTTA fiber optic distribution box is a new economic fiber distributed solution f...

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08.04.2021 - News
Single mode vs Multimode, What's the Difference?

So you’re sitting there and wondering to yourself, Single-mode, Multimode. What’...

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06.04.2021 - News
How Microducts Can Benefit You?

What Are Microducts? You can define microducts as tiny conduits that house micro...

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01.04.2021 - News
How To Choose Fiber Patch Cords?

Patch Cord also called Fiber Jumpers, Patch Cords are used to connect network de...

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30.03.2021 - News
How to install a fiber optic patch panel?

Nowadays, fiber optic patch panelis becoming popularin optical fiber wiring syst...

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25.03.2021 - News
What is FTTx(Fiber to the X)?

Fiber to the X (FTTX) comprises the many variants of fiber optic access infrastr...

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23.03.2021 - News
Fiber Optic Terminl Boxes Explained

We offer Wall Mount Fiber Optic Enclosures / Termination Boxes, Rack Mount Enclo...

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18.03.2021 - News
How to Choose the Right Fiber Optic Splitter?

In general, a superior fiber optic splitter needs to pass a series of rigorous t...

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16.03.2021 - News
Fiber Optic Closure Basics and Types

As long as you use the outdoor fiber cables, then you will must need the fiber o...

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12.03.2021 - News
MTP vs MPO Cable: What Are the Differences?

MTP VS MPO: what’s the difference? This post will clarify the differences betwee...

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12.03.2021 - News
Fiber Patch Cord Types: Selecting the Best for Your Network

How to select Fiber Patch Cord?

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08.05.2019 - News
What is FTTA?

Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) is a wireless site architecture in which optical fib...

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26.07.2019 - News
How to test the FTTA network

In order to successfully test the FTTA installation, all individual components s...

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16.01.2021 - News
Optical Cable Industry In-depth Report: Analysis of Optical Cable Demand in 2020

Optical Cable Industry In-depth Report: Analysis of Optical Cable Demand in 2020

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