01.06.2022 - News
MPO Patch Cords Patch Cable Assemblies

​MPO Patch Cords Patch Cable , Hanaln-tech manufactures and distributes a wide r...

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26.05.2022 - News
What Is Fiber Optic Adapter and Its Highlights?

Fiber optic connectors (otherwise called Fiber couplers, Fiber Adapter ) are int...

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20.05.2022 - News
What are Type of Fiber Attenuator?

People often wonder why they are deliberately setting attenuation on a fiber net...

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14.05.2022 - News
Have You Used Fiber Optic Wall Plate for FTTx Applications?

Did you notice the square object with jacks installed on the wall before? It is ...

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06.05.2022 - News
7 common problems with fiber connection box

7 common problems with fiber connection box

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29.04.2022 - News
Types and characteristics of fiber optical patch cord

Optical fiber jumpers usually refer to optical fibers with connecting ports at b...

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24.04.2022 - News
The Comparison Between PLC Splitter and FBT Splitter

The Optical splitters are one of the most important passive components in fiber ...

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16.04.2022 - News
What’s the difference of Flat, PC, UPC and APC fibre connectors Polish Type?

The type of fiber connection Polish Type determines the quality of the light-wav...

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08.04.2022 - News
Difference Between ODF and Patch Panel

​When we talk about fiber optic patch panels vs. patch panels, they seem to be v...

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02.04.2022 - News
The difference between Huawei mini sc adapter and ST, FC, LC fiber optic connectors

Huawei mini sc adapters and ST and FC fiber optic connectors are early standards...

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24.03.2022 - News
How to choose high quality optitap connector

When you need to use optitap connectors, you will definitely choose and purchase...

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17.03.2022 - News
What functions should the optical fiber terminal box have as the terminal equipment of the optical cable line?

​Fiber optic boxes, also known as fiber optic distribution frames, are used to t...

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09.03.2022 - News
The connection process and function of the optical cable splice box

The article is to talk about the process of connecting the optical cable splice ...

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03.03.2022 - News
Fiber Optic Distribution Box (FDB) Suppliers

Fiber Distribution Box (FDB) is available for the distribution and terminal conn...

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22.02.2022 - News
What is the difference between fiber patch cords OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4

As we all know, "OM" stand for optical multi-mode, that is, optical mo...

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16.02.2022 - News
SC Fast Connector Assembly Instruction

SC Fast Connector Assembly Instruction, One Fast connector​ is mainly composed o...

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09.02.2022 - News
What is Fiber Optic Cable Splicing?

We tend to receive the same basic questions about the splicing themes of types, ...

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24.01.2022 - News
How to installation the stainless steel banding

Installation steps of stainless steel banding1.Pull the stainless steel banding ...

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18.01.2022 - News
Which fiber optic connectors is suitable for non-standard fiber sizes?

Most telecommunications projects use standard equipment and optical fibers, but ...

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28.12.2021 - News
12 24 48 72 96 144 Core Fiber Optic Distribution Frame with Empty Container & Full Load

Fiber Optic Management Units are used for fiber optic splicing, distribution and...

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