The connection process and function of the optical cable splice box


The optical cable splice box, also known as the optical cable splice box and the barrel, is used where the two ends of the optical cable are connected. What about pick up? In layman's terms, some people also call it a skylight, that is, use a special tool to cut the optical cable from it, reveal the fiber core, and connect a few fibers in the middle to the branch cable core, and the rest of the fiber cores are not damaged. tools are available. The following is to talk about the process of connecting the optical cable splice box, I hope to help you.
The fiber optic cable connection process is as follows:
1. Use an optical cable ring cutter to cut two ring-shaped openings at both ends of the optical cable at 1m from the center of the remaining cable, and the depth cannot be cut to the optical fiber bundle tube;
2. Use a cutting knife to cut open the plastic sheath of the optical cable and the thin aluminum shielding layer;
3. Use scissors to cut off the fiber optic bundle to maintain the nylon ribbon and the hollow bundle of the optical cable;
4. Use pliers to cut and intercept the reinforcement core, and install and fix the 2-head reinforcement core in the optical fiber splitter box;
5. Fix the fiber core bundle tube that needs to be cut and connected on the special cutting and connecting tool rack for stripping;
6. After finding the end of the fiber core and the pigtail to form the end, the coiled fiber is placed in the optical fiber splitter box;
7. Pack up the optical fiber splitter box and install it on the wall and pack up the remaining cables;
8. Use the light source and optical power meter to test the fiber.

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