06.05.2021 -
Downhole Optic Sensing cable

4.0mm Dia. Downhole Optic Sensing Cable, the outer layer tube is made of 316L / ...

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29.04.2021 -
FTTH Fibre Terminal Distribution Box

Horizontal Closure provide space and protection for fiber optic cable splicing a...

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27.04.2021 -
Optical Fiber Splitter

​Optical fiber splitter is a device used to split and combine light wave energy....

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22.04.2021 -
The Introduction of MPO/MTP Optic Fiber Patch Panel

With the rapid development of the network, the 40G network has now become so pop...

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Encapsulated 6.35mm Downhole Optic Cable

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6.35mm Downhole Optic Sensing Cable

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4.0mm Downhole Optic Sensing cable

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Encapsulated Downhole Cable

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