24 Cores ADSS Anti-rodent cable with FRP

24 Cores ADSS Anti-rodent cable possesses high tensile strength and flexibility in compact cable sizes. At the same time, it provides excellent optical transmission and physical performance.

Products Description:


This listed specification covers the design requirements and performance standard for the supply of optical fiber cable in the industry. It also includes HL premium designed cable with optical, mechanical and geometrical characteristics

Cable Type:Generally Anti-rodent ADSS

Application: Aerial Installation

1.2 Cable Description

cable possesses high tensile strength and flexibility in compact cable sizes. At the same

time, it provides excellent optical transmission and physical performance.

1.3 Quality

GL ensures a continuing level of quality in our cable products through several quality

control programs including ISO 9001.

1.4 Reliability

Both initial and periodic qualification testing are performed to assure the cable's

performance and durability in the field environments. 

1.5 The cable are designed, manufactured and tested according tointernational 

Standards As Follow: 

3.1 Cable Type: GL– Anti-rodent                             ADSS – Flat FRP

adss with frp.png


1. ADSS Anti rodent with Double Jackets cable is designed for Aerial Installation with Stable performance and compatibility with all common fiber types

2. Aramid yarn as support messenger to assure the tensile and strain Performance, Glass yarn and FRP dielectric armor for anti-rodent protection with flat FRP armor as the strength member and also protect the cable from biting.

3. AT jacket mainly installed at existing 110kV or higher voltage power lines. PE jacket is adopted for below 110KV.


adss fiber optic cable-3.png


Approved by various professional optical and communication product institution, GL also conduct various in-house testing in its own Laboratory and Test Center. She also conduct test

with special arrangement with the Chinese Government Ministry of Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Optical Communication Products (QSICO). GL possess the technology to

keep its fiber attenuation loss within Industry Standards. The cable is in accordance with applicable standard of cable and requirement of customer. The following test items are carried out according to corresponding reference. Routine tests of optical fiber.

Mode field diameter

IEC 60793- 1-45

Mode field Core/clad concentricity

IEC 60793- 1-20

Cladding diameter

IEC 60793- 1-20

Cladding non-circularity

IEC 60793- 1-20

Attenuation coefficient

IEC 60793- 1-40

Chromatic dispersion

IEC 60793- 1-42

Cable cut-off wavelength

IEC 60793- 1-44

Tension Loading Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1

Sample length

No less than 50 meters


Max. installation load

Duration time

1 hour

Test results

Additional attenuation:0.05dB No damage to outer jacket and inner elements

Crush/Compression Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1


Crush load

Plate size

100mm length

Duration time


Test number


Test results

Additional attenuation:0.05dB No damage to outer jacket and inner elements

Impact Resistance Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1

Impact energy




Impact points


Impact number


Test result

Additional attenuation:0.05dB

Repeated Bending Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1

Bending radius

20 X diameter of cable


25 cycles

Test result

Additional attenuation≤ 0.05dB No damage to outer jacket and inner elements

Torsion/Twist Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1

Sample length



± 180 degree



Test result

Additional attenuation:0.05dB No damage to outer jacket and inner elements

Temperature cycling Test

Test Standard

IIEC 60794- 1

Temperature step

+20℃ -40℃ +85+20


Time per each step

Transition  from  0℃  to  -40:2hours;  duration  at  -40

:8 hoursTransition from -40℃ to +80 :4hours;

duration at +80:8 hoursTransition from +80℃ to




Test result

Attenuation variation for reference value (the

≤ 0.05 dB/km

Water penetration Test

Test Standard

IEC 60794- 1

Height of water column


Sample length


Test time

1 hour

Test result

No water leakage from the opposite of the sample

package adss.png

5. Packing and Marking

  1. Each single length of cable shall be reeled on Fumigated Wooden Drum Covered by plastic buffer sheet

  2. Sealed by strong wooden battens. At least 1 m of inside end of cable will be reserved for testing. Drum

  3. length: Standard drum length is 3,000m±2% and 2000m or as required. Drum Marking (can according to

  4. the requirement in the technical specification) Manufacturer name;

  5. Manufacturing year and

  6. month Roll---direction arrow;

  7. Drum length;

  8. Gross/net weight

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