Air Blown Cable & Micro Duct Solution

Hanlan-Tech Optimus product family is a complete solution which includes all needed products-cables,microducts,microduct accessories and tools-for construction of microduct networks

Air Blown Cable & Micro Duct Solution

The greatest benefits of microduct technology

The lifecycle of a once-installed microduct network is long because it is easily expandable - adding new users is fast and increasing network capacity is easy afterwards.

Microduct network is suitable for changing and growing urban and suburban areas.

Microduct technology enables the use of lighter installation techniques (such as microtrenching), which reduces construction costs and interference during installation.

High investment cost and low optical fiber utilization rate are the main problems of cable layout; air blowing cabling provides the solution. That technology of air-blown cabling is to lay optical fiber in the plastic duct by air blown. It reduces the laying cost of the optical cable and hoisting speed of construction; due to air blowing microfiber, installation air blown into micro ducts for improving the utilization rate of communication pipeline. In addition, air-blown fiber can not only reduce the initial investment but also gradually invest in accordance with the growth of customer demand and the existing pipeline resources can be reused. Especially ideal for use in FTTH, access network and etc…

Hanlan-Tech provides two different kinds of solutions in air-blown fiber optic cabling. One is the air blown micro cable with micro duct and mini type cable blowing machine and the other is general fiber optic cable with silicon tube and hydraulic type cable blowing machine.

Key Features

•   A flexible, secure, cost-effective cabling system

•   Powerful cable blowing machine

•   Suitable for variety environments

•   Small diameter and low weight optic cable, suitable for air blown

•   Strong compression silicon duct, suitable for direct buried laying

•   Improve utilization effectively by using micro duct

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