Application fields of FTTH Drop Cable


The drop cable is also called "butterfly optical cable". The dish-shaped drop cable for access network (for indoor wiring) is to place the optical communication unit (optical fiber) in the center, and two parallel non-metallic reinforcements (FRP) or metal are placed on both sides. The reinforcement member is finally extruded into black or colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or low-smoke halogen-free material (LSZH, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant) sheath. Covered cable is mainly used for integrated wiring for residential users in the building, direct fiber to the home, the main technology used is EPON technology, the bending radius of the covered cable is large, suitable for the concealed tube in the building, and the diameter is relatively small. It is convenient for construction and provides transmission lines for users' high bandwidth requirements.

1. User indoor wiring

In the FTTH project, the user's indoor wiring is the most complicated link, and many factors are considered. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the circuit, while taking into account the beauty of the interior, as well as the convenience of construction. The traditional single-core indoor optical cable can no longer meet the requirements of indoor wiring for FTTH projects at this stage. As a substitute for traditional indoor optical cables, Weipuxun leather cable can adapt to most indoor wiring conditions, for example, it can turn with a bending radius of 20mm, can bear the side pressure of people stepping on the optical cable, and the drag caused by engineering construction pull. At the same time, with a variety of field connectors, field termination and docking can be realized in the shortest time. Therefore, Weipuxun leather cable is the best choice for FTTH indoor wiring.

 2. Vertical and horizontal wiring in the building

Like the indoor wiring of users, Baifu leather cable is also suitable for vertical and horizontal wiring in buildings. Horizontal wiring is not very demanding for optical cables, but vertical wiring must require optical cables to have a certain degree of tensile performance. Weipuxun leather cable can withstand a maximum of 200 Newton in short-term and 100 Newton in long-term, so it can ensure the construction safety and stable performance of the vertical wiring of the leather cable within a certain height range.

3. Self-supporting overhead home wiring

Since the self-supporting "8" wiring optical cable has a metal suspension unit, it has stronger tensile performance and can withstand a span of 50 meters. The optical cable is laid in an overhead manner outdoors, the metal hanging wire unit is cut off before entering the house, and fixed on a special holder, and the remaining optical cable is stripped of the metal hanging wire and introduced into the room with a leather cable.

4. Pipeline home wiring

Since the pipe-mapped optical cable is harder and higher tensile strength than the sheathed optical cable, and at the same time the optical cable contains water-blocking materials, which can reduce outdoor rain erosion, it is more suitable for long-distance outdoor pipeline laying. Weipuxun pipeline mapping optical cable adopts all non-metallic structure, thus avoiding the entry of lightning into the room. After the optical cable enters the house, the outer sheath, water blocking material and reinforcement are stripped, and the inner sheathed optical cable is directly used for indoor wiring, which inherits all the advantages of the indoor wiring of the sheathed optical cable.


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