24.01.2022 - Resources
How to installation the stainless steel banding

Installation steps of stainless steel banding1.Pull the stainless steel banding ...

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18.01.2022 - Resources
Which fiber optic connectors is suitable for non-standard fiber sizes?

Most telecommunications projects use standard equipment and optical fibers, but ...

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28.12.2021 - Resources
12 24 48 72 96 144 Core Fiber Optic Distribution Frame with Empty Container & Full Load

Fiber Optic Management Units are used for fiber optic splicing, distribution and...

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22.12.2021 - Resources
The difference between single-mode and multi-mode fiber jumper

The concept of single-mode and multi-mode is to classify fibers according to the...

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16.12.2021 - Resources
Fast Connect- Drop cable

A Fast Connect drop cable adopts an anti- vibration design. It allows plug and p...

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10.12.2021 - Resources
Factors to Consider When Choosing Fiber Optic Closure

The optical network structure is often complex, especially the optical access pa...

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30.11.2021 - Resources
What are the Differences of PC, APC, UPC Interface Fiber Patchcords

In order to make the end faces of the two optical fibers better connect, the fer...

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23.11.2021 - Resources
Fiber Optic PLC Splitters 1xN, 2xN

Fiber Optic PLC Splitters 1xN, 2xN, Configurations (input x output channels): 1x...

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16.11.2021 - Resources
Fast Install Connector

Field fast install connector is a revolutionary field installable optical fiber ...

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11.11.2021 - Resources
Looking for Fiber Optic Faceplate? Find Fiber Optic Faceplate Manufacturer

Fiber Faceplate is designed to terminate 2~4 optical fibers in customer’s premis...

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09.11.2021 - Resources
How to make Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail Production Process ?

How to make Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail Production Process ?

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04.11.2021 - Resources
Optical Fiber Termination Equipments and Accessories

We deal in wide range of Premium Fiber opticals equipments and accessories of di...

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02.11.2021 - Resources
16 Types of Fiber Optic Connectors to Choose From

Remateable connections are made possible by Fiber Connectors. Fiber Connectors ...

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28.10.2021 - Resources
Fiber Loss, Understanding and Measuring it

Insuring the integrity of fiber cable installations is crutial and this is done ...

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26.10.2021 - Resources
Why FTTH Network Is Divided Into Several Sections?

The fiber optic cable lines used in FTTH network are generally divided into back...

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21.10.2021 - Resources
How to Connect Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Optic Patch Panel

​Fiber optic cable is usually terminated in two ways. One is using connectors th...

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19.10.2021 - Resources
How To Use A Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Patch panel is defined as the interface between multiple optical fibers and opti...

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14.10.2021 - Resources
New in the FTTH line: FTTX Drop Flat Patch Cord

FTTH technologies have become commonplace, and they have proven to be very pract...

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12.10.2021 - Resources
G652D & G657A2 & PVC /LSZH Outer Sheath Patch Cord DIFFERENCE?

G652D & G657A2 & PVC /LSZH Outer Sheath Patch Cord DIFFERENCE? Firstly, ...

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30.09.2021 - Resources
Breakout Cables vs. Breakout Patch Panels

Many people are transitioning to 40G or 100G networks to meet the demands of mod...

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