What are the advantages of GJYXFCH cable?

Definition of GJYXFCH fiber optic cable

The GJYXFCH fiber optic cable is a fiber optic cable centered on two parallel fiber reinforced plastics. These parallel fibers are designed to provide the necessary support for the cable. Therefore, the GJYXFCH fiber optic cable has steel on the side to prevent the cable from breaking in the event of mechanical damage. In addition, the cable is covered by a black low-smoke, halogen-free jacket. This is one of the most widely used fiber optic cables worldwide.

Description of GJYXFCH fiber optic cable

A two-core flat drop cable for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications consisting of two single-mode fibers protected by a dielectric strength member made of steel strength members and LSZH outer jacket for UV protection and outdoor use. It is lightweight and easy to install and is often used to connect the main distribution frame to a home, apartment or office integration point. Industry standard connectors are available for direct termination because of the standard 250μm fiber size for the bow (butterfly) drop cable for ducted cables.

GJYXFCH fiber optic cable

GJYXFCH fiber optic cable features

Compact buffer fiber has good outer diameter uniformity and excellent peelability

Good flame retardant performance

Low induced attenuation over the operating temperature range

Excellent geometry of the fiber

Special low bend sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and good communication transmission characteristics;

Two parallel FRP strength members ensure good compression resistance to protect the fibers;

Simple structure, light weight and practicality;

Innovative flute design for easy stripping and splicing, simplifying installation and maintenance;

Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant jacket

Application of GJYXFCH fiber optic cable

For pipes;

Used as an interconnection of devices for optical connection of optical communication rooms and optical distribution frames;

For indoor wiring, especially for distribution cables;

For local communication;

From outdoor pipe applications to indoor wiring;

Indoor wiring and direct wiring by end users;

Enter the building cable;

Technical advantages of GJYXFCH fiber optic cable

1. Access to the network, fiber to the home.

2. Support Internet, cable TV and telephone

3. High bandwidth, easy to reach 100M

4. Flexible network construction, reducing installation and maintenance costs, and facilitating network management.

5. The device port can be easily added by the user and gradually expanded.

6. Support more networks to increase services in the future.

in conclusion

The GJYXFCH fiber optic cable invigorates the telecommunications industry with its superior functionality. Through effective communication, the lives of people living in rural areas have become better. In other words, the GJYXFCH fiber optic cable turns the world into a small village where people can communicate effectively at any time.

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