What is the composition and function of pre-twisted suspension clamp?

Today we are going to talk about the pre-twisted suspension clamp, which is used to hang the cable in the transmission line tower connection hardware.

The use of pre-twisted pendant clip can reduce the static stress of the cable at the suspension point, assist the cable shock absorption, suppress the dynamic stress of wind vibration;Play a protective role on the cable.

The pre-twisted pendant clamp is used for ADSS optical cable, OPGW optical cable, all kinds of wires in the straight line tower connection.

 Pre-twisted suspension clamp components

  1. Aluminum splint components: the aluminum splint used to form the pre-twisted suspension clamp has corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties, good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and good mechanical properties.
  2. Rubber fixture components: the rubber fixture used to form the pre-twisted suspension clamp has the properties of ozone resistance, chemical resistance, weather aging resistance, high and low temperature performance, high strength and elasticity, and small compression deformation.
  3. Hot-dip galvanized components for power fittings: bolts, spring washers, flat washers, nuts, etc
  4. closed pin: power standard parts.
  5. protection wire pre-twisted wire: according to the predetermined mechanical properties and chemical composition of aluminum alloy wire, with high tensile strength, hardness and good elasticity and strong rust resistance, can be used in bad weather for a long time
  6. Outer pre-twisted wire: same as the pre-twisted wire of guard wire.
  7. Power connection hardware: u-shaped hanging ring, u-shaped screw, UB type hanging plate and ZH type hanging ring.
  8. The standard configuration of double suspension clamp includes pretwisted wire protector, outer pretwisted wire, two sets of hanging heads, two sets of PS shaped hanging boards, double hanging boards, u-shaped hanging rings and u-shaped screws, with optional connecting parts.
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